< Stasis > is a Guild built upon an idea. The notion that decisions about how to maintain and progress the Guild should be made objectively, with two main goals in mind; establishing not just a top tier progression guild, but a community of players all rallied together, respectful of each other, and determined to enjoy WoW Classic in whatever way they wish to play the game.

That being said, this Guild will focus on progression raiding. The best, most reliable raiders will earn their raid spots, and there will be no favoritism when it comes to the way that our raid team is managed. Checks and balances are in place to guarantee our raiders will reap the rewards they have earned, while understanding that every decision made is in an effort to progress the guild further. < Stasis > emphasis the values of transparency, understanding and open lines of communication between raiders and the officers that help maintain the Guild.

To apply, please click the link below! After submitting an application, your role in this Discord server will be updated so that you may see all of what we have in store!

Loot Policy

We are looking at a DKP system that also has some Loot Council nuances to it. This is not final, and will be finalized prior to the release of Classic.

Raid Requirements

Be a team player, know your class, know your role.

Raid Times

Tues/Wed/Sun 8:00pm - 12:00am EST.



You can contact Revai at the Discord username: Revai #3472. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Revai Warrior Guild GM/Main Tank Troll
Parkway Hunter 31/0/20 Orc