Classic WoW is coming. Soon. For those that played WoW in the old days, you’ll know that a good, active guild can make the experience so much smoother. From leveling partners to a pool of players to online at all times to complete dungeons crawls or PvP with, the right guild come Classic can make a huge difference. If you want to partake in 40-man raids, a guild is almost required.

Enter… Occupation .

Guild Facts & Goals

We are currently a group of friends who share a huge mutual interest in playing Classic WoW. The guild will be rolled on a PvP realm. Yes, the world is dangerous. Quest with guild members and engage! For the Alliance ! The guild will be a haven for many types of players, and we have begun recruitment now to build a strong foundation before the launch of the game and get a leg-up on the competition. We will be pooling our monetary resources at the very launch of the game to be one of, if not the first, guilds on the server that we choose. Raiding

Because many guilds in modern WoW raid during the week, we will raid on Saturday & Sunday evenings. The exact times have yet to be decided and will be based on feedback.

The mission is to field more than a full raid team to allow for inevitable occasional absences and necessary swaps. I want to emphasize that the guild will not foster an elitist culture, but rules will be in place to facilitate a 40-man group of people before and during raid nights. There will most likely be a loot-council in place come Classic, but a looting system can of course be discussed further.

We want to clear all relevant content before the release of the next opening of content. That means we will not be pushing for any realm firsts, but we will still expect our raiders to come with a progression mindset. We want you to play what you want to play, even if the spec, such as Ret Pally, is not favored. That said, there will be a reasonable limit placed on those specs so that the group as a whole is not prevented from clearing all relevant content.

Classic raiding is a time commitment. The standard guild rules of showing up at least 15 minutes before raid and having already completed your pre-raid farming for the week (e.g. Warlock soul shards, for example). Before the first raid, which will be a couple of months after the launch of Classic, you should have acquired a majority of your pre-raid BiS pieces.

With all of that said, I again want to emphasize that we want it to be an enjoyable experience where raiders can show up to raid, do their fair share of work, and clear the content at a reasonable pace as a result.


Warlocks Rogues A few more priests! Accepting all, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Spots will be competitive when raiding begins! Social

For the first several months of Classic and even once raiding begins on a weekly basis, the guild will most certainly maintain a strong social aspect. It will not be a guild where players are only online to simply farm their pre-raid consumables and raid. Even now, the core group is quite active in Discord, sometimes talking about WoW, sometimes completely random stuff. Occupation will be a hangout, with frequent discussion, discord banter, and of course, community gameplay.

I’m interested, what is required of me?

The beauty of starting together on a Classic realm is there are no transfer fees to worry about, and nothing to hard-commit to as of now. If you are interested in joining and being a part of < Occupation >, simply join the discord, found here:

https:// (Remove the space.)

Many roles within the guild are still available, so if you are interested in either becoming an officer (and have qualifications), an event organizer, or another position, feel free to let me know in the discord (Grimnak#9288)!

About Me

So who is this guy? I’ve been a mage main for 10 years, and since I have achieved a decent amount as a mage, I believe I will be a mage main once again come Classic. I have been the GM of WoW guilds for the better part of eight years, and I do know what it takes to do so once again.

To reiterate, I am not an elitist; I never have been and I never will. If, for example, you were underperforming in a raid setting, I’d be the guy to come and talk to about it. I want to be a support avenue for guild members in any way that I can! My BTag is Bluraze#1450!

Thank you for reading, and we shall see you… in Classic WoW !

Loot Policy


Raid Requirements

Level 60 Mic w/ ability to mute Pre-farmed consumables Effort towards acquiring preraid BiS

Raid Times

Sat 9:00p - 12:00a EST Sun 9:00p - 12:00a EST



You can contact Grimnak at the Discord username: Grimnak#9288. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Grimnak Druid 5/0/46 Night Elf