[A] | EU-PvP | Friday/Saturday | 19:30 CET | Semi-Hardcore

Raid Times: CET - 19:30 ~ 23:00+ Friday and Saturday for 40man/progression

  • optional raids during the week for zg/onyxia/raids on farm Loot System: Loot Council DISCORD:

About us: We intend to level at a medium pace. That means we won’t stop to smell the roses or “explore” every corner of azeroth but we do not want to rush the game either. Instead we hope to do all sorts of fun guild activities together along the way, such as guild-only dungeon runs (off-meta builds aka. memespecs are fine, too), lots of pvp, etc.

Non-raiders, casuals and socials are very welcome to join us as well, as we’re trying to build a big community rather than just a raid roster. :smiley:

What we can offer:

  • active and well designed discord server
  • organized guild bank
  • spreadsheets for professions, rosters, etc.
  • helpful & experienced class leaders

PvE: We expect to have a raid ready roster of atleast 40 people within 2~ months after launch and clear Molten Core before Phase 2 starts. PvP: We’re not too pvp focused but we would like to do some wpvp together during phase 1/2 and some battlegrounds later on.

Most importantly, we wish our members to help each other, even if it means to slow down their own progress in exchange!

>One of us is being ganked by that annoying undead rogue in lakeshire? >Go and help him out >One of us is short a tank for a dungeon? >Go and help him out >You need help with a difficult task?

We will help you out!


  • big & friendly community
  • become a known and popular guild on our server
  • PH4T L00TZ
  • enjoying Classic together

Recruitment: We have a pretty balanced roster and don’t lack any specific classes right now so we’re recruiting every class and role (except Main Tanks for Phase 1)

if you’re interested please DM me on Discord :smiley:

Loot Policy

Loot Council (3 Officers + Class leaders)

Raid Requirements

Raid Times

Friday and Saturday 19:30~22:30 for main progression with more optional raids during the week for Onyxia, ZG, Alt runs and raids on farm



You can contact Howaito at the Discord username: Howaito#3139. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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