Who we are: Formed by a group of older players (28 – 35 years of age) who played World of Warcraft since the first public beta. Both Main and Off tanks have cleared Naxxramas in retail vanilla and we have solid guys who have raid led for over 15 years on retail and private wow and other games.

Loot Policy

DKP 100% most likely capped and with decay, we feel from experience that it is the most fair, MS before OS and legendarys will be decided as we go.

Raid Requirements

Expectation for Raiders: Keep to the raiding times, be prepared and stocked with the needed pots, food, etc. Know your class, and know how to gear it. The more prepared we are, the faster our progress will be..

Raid Times

Friday evenings, Sunday afternoons required, Saturday daytime optional raids



You can contact Cptnobeard at the Discord username: CptNoBeard #7727. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Cptnobeard Warrior 31/0/20 Tauren