[A] [HC] european guild on a PvP Server - Classic WoW

About us:

- We are an established core of players spanning through several servers, most with experience all throughout Naxxramas
- We strive to become our servers best PvE guild
- We will push to achieve several world-boss kills as a leaders of coalition
- We've been present and competitive on various vanilla and TBC servers

What we provide:

- An outstanding raiding environment lead by an experienced raid-leader with years of experience in leading in both PvE and PvP 
- Announced speedruns for content on farm
- Expected first raid clear in second reset
- A welcoming and mature social environment which share a strong and friendly community in and outside of raids
- InHouse test server and active discord community

What are we looking for:

- Experienced and competitive players who are dedicated to the game and their character
- Player who understands and accepts that his performance, attendance and attitude directly reflects his gains
- Person with a sufficiently mature attitude to thrive in a social and raiding environment
- Max 8 days to 60, being familiar with farming methods, encounters and wPvP

Raiding related information:

- Raiding days are ** wednesday** and **sunday** from 19:00-23:00(CET)(Summer atm)
- Loot Council 
- Worldbuffs and full consumables


- We are currently recruiting all, most notably Melee/Priest/Mage
- We require exceptional applications  with high-end raiding profile
- Playerbase is currently playing active or practicing leveling, we LFM to join a leveling group practices 

Contact: Website Discord

Loot Policy


Raid Requirements

Full buff / full consumables

Raid Times

wed / sunday 19-23


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Vesper Druid resto Night Elf