Takeover is a semi-hardcore PvP focused guild, comprised of experienced private server and vanilla players who have achieved as high as R12 in classic PvP.

We plan to hit classic strong and gear up so that we can raid and get BiS for the release of the ranking system in Phase 2.

We are a mature group of players who are focusing on enjoying Phase 1 of classic (the way it was meant to be enjoyed originally) while staying true to a hardcore path to dominate the ranks upon the release of Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Loot Policy

We are currently using a unique version of the Loot Council system in which the council will follow a strict set of pre-defined criteria. Council members will also be swapped out every 2-3 weeks to ensure fairness in loot distribution.

Some of the criteria is as follows: Activity, PvP ability, Raiding ability, Recruitment prowess, Leadership ability, & more.

Raid Requirements

We are looking for players new and old who are interested in smashing gnome skulls, have a willingness to learn, and a competitive drive. We plan to create a community first, and a dynasty on our server second.

Raid Times

Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday [7:00-12:00 CST]

Times subject to change


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Haste Mage 69/69/69 Undead