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INTRODUCTION Audacious is a guild built specifically for WoW Classic. Our mission is to build a thriving community of positive, mature, and skilled players to enjoy classic with.

My background? Used to be a hardcore raider back in Vanilla. Cleared up to Four Horsemen in Naxx in Vanilla. Cleared all TBC content being in the top guild on my server. Lead a semi-hardcore guild and was in one of the top 50 NA guilds in NA for Cata,TBC and Vanilla. Most of the people in this guild have been in Naxx including our MT who has tanked all of Naxx.

GOALS We strongly believe in quality over quantity. Our aim is to keep our guild tight-knit, fun and desirable place to call home filled with people that want to push content. Efficiently completing all raid content that WoW - Classic has to offer is our main goal. We will build and maintain a strong and consistent raid team that is capable of farming content while maintaining enjoyable raid atmosphere. When not raiding, expect us to be pushing high-tier PvP ranks through coordinated team battlegrounds and world PvP.

EXPECTATIONS Audacious is motivated to become one of the best guilds on whichever server we decide.

Looking for players to get level 60 within the first 3-4 weeks and start getting gear and attuned for raids. Molten Core is not a huge priority for us to be clearing right away but we do intend to be getting in there within the first 3-4 weeks.

Also willing to take in some casual players to fill raid spots when core raiders need to miss a raid day. Also willing to take on players that havn’t played vanilla yet and need to learn the bosses.

RAID SCHEDULE Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday - 8:30 Eastern - 11:30 PM EST / 7:30PM Central - 10:30 PM Central Sunday raid time will be 3pm EST - 6PM EST (If needed) May move down to one to two raid days once content is on farm. Then ramp back up when content is released.

LOOT SYSTEM We will be using a DKP system. With soft loot council for gearing out the tanks and Thunderfury.

Officer Needs -> So far I;m going to be looking for experienced officers that have had previous semi-hardcore / hardcore raiding experience throughout WoW with Vanilla raiding experience or from being in a high end guild.

Class needs? Druids: 1 Feral Spot, 2 resto spots. Hunters: High Mages: High Paladins: High Spriest: Need 1 Priest: High Rogues: Medium Warlocks: High Warriors: High Offtanks: Open

QUESTIONS? Message Style#1200 on discord or leave me a way to get in contact with you.

Loot Policy

DKP /w soft Loot Council to gear up tanks for raids and thunderfury.

Raid Requirements

See Bio

Raid Times

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday- 8:30 Eastern - 11:30 EST 7:30pm Central - 10:30pm Central

Sundays will be at 3pm EST (If needed)


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Nemee Paladin 35/11/5 Human