Classic Raids is a semi-hardcore endgame raid guild with (optional) organized PvP events. We will raid two nights a week (non-weekends so you can have a social life). As long as we can consistently down progression content we will be easy going / casual. If you don’t make an effort to improve and consistently underperform compared to minimum requirements outlined by your class and role leaders then you will forfeit your raid spot. Some of us enjoy PvP quite a bit so there will be regular BG and world PvP groups, maybe the occasional town or city raid if we can get the numbers (no DKs).

Loot Policy

DKP with loot council.

Loot council will be used for a limited number of items at the start of new content. This is so that we can gear important roles in order to consistently down content.

Once we can consistently down content we will switch to DKP where priority will go toward main raid spec. If no main specs need an item, players can use DKP to roll for off spec.

10 DKP will be earned for showing up to raids on time. 10 DKP will be earned for staying for the entire raid duration without causing problems. 10 DKP will be awarded per boss kill. 10 additional DKP will be given to top performing players for each boss based on their role. Metrics for top performing role may differ based on boss (i.e. dispelling may be crucial for certain fights which would otherwise reduce their performance in normal metrics). DKP can be given outside of raids for consistently helping guildies. A maximum of 1000 DKP can be attained per player.

Raid Requirements

1) Common sense 2) Must be attuned for raids (ask guildies for help!) 3) Regents required for class buffs 4) Geared / world buffed / skilled enough to meet minimum requirements as outlined by your respective Role Leaders and Class Leaders. 5) Voice chat audio enabled for everyone. 6) Mic. (with push to talk enabled) required for Tanks, Class Leaders, and Role Leaders (recommended for all raid members).


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Lolhealz Priest 20/0/31 Troll
Shamwow Shaman 11/5/36 Troll
Unknown Warlock 9/21/21 Orc