Classic WOW Guild Recruitment

Name Region Faction Server type Guild type Intensity Timezone Lang Leader
<Do Not Keep Calm> EU A - - Semi-Hardcore GMT EN Corvaine
<SSG> NA A PvE PvE Semi-Hardcore EST English Doc
<Lost Legion> EU A PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore GMT+1 Swedish InZa
<Dragonclaw> NA A PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore PST English Surrak
<Onslaught> NA H PvP PvE Hardcore EST English Fei
<Enigma> NA A PvP PvE Hardcore EST English HalfDozen
<Time Lapse> NA A PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore EST English Dog
<Incarnation> NA A PvP PvE Hardcore PST English Parametic
<Purple Cobras> NA A PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore Mountain Time English Swiftdeus
<Sternwacht> EU A PvE PvE Casual UTC+2 German Ginu
<Say No To PUGs> NA H PvP PvE Casual PST English Cynthalus
<WoWislam> EU H RP-PVP RP-PVP Semi-Hardcore Arabic, English Bobolebobo
<Heralds of Time> NA H PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore EST English Time
<Royal Authorities> NA A RP-PVP PvE Semi-Hardcore EST English Faelior
<Saunan Taakse> EU A PvP PvE Casual +3 UTC Finland Loremaani
<MISCERS> NA H PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore PST English Astrix
<Pull and Beer> EU H PvE PvE Casual CET English Roic
<RIVAL> NA A PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore PST/MT English Cbob
<Plasma> NA - PvP PvP Semi-Hardcore Central English Crix
<Scialytic> NA A PvE PvE Semi-Hardcore EST Enlgish Alvin
<Contempt> NA H PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore PST English Obey
<Swagnaros> EU H PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore gmt english hgk
<Quest Failed> EU A PvP PvP Hardcore GMT/BST English Paranoixc
<Desolation> NA H PvP PvE Semi-Hardcore CST English Jaybird
<NewGen> EU H PvP PvE Hardcore CEST Eng Papanosta
<Blackrock Candy Co.> NA H PvP PvE Blackrockcandyco
<Fake News team> NA H PvP PvE Fake News Team
<Aim> NA A PvP PvP Sowleye
<Venture> NA A PvP PvE Tyraes
<Verdict> NA H PvP PvE Layke
<The Reckless> NA H PvP PvE wtfcoltspriest
<Illiterate Poets> NA H PvP PvE Badger
<Salt Miners> NA H PvP PvE Kickproof
<Ganked Again> NA - PvP PvP GA Guild Leader
<Guild> NA A PvP PvE terozen
<Eagle Knights> NA A PvE PvE Kingtmac23
<Mulgore Lawn and Garden> NA H PvP PvE Volkath
<Grayskull> NA H PvE PvE Jibb
<No Plan Required> NA A PvP PvE Jules
<CREW> NA H PvP PvE Kilrad
<Doggo Noir> NA A PvP PvE Kaufdrop
<Still Not Quite Sure> NA H PvP PvE Wangchief
<Wipe in progress> NA H PvE PvE Thirteenera
<Competent Casuals> NA A PvE PvE Crydon
<Classic Raids> NA H PvP PvE Unknown
46 Guilds


Find the ideal guild for your Classic WOW journey! Whether you're looking for a PvP, PvE, PR, leveling, or social guild, you can find one that matches requirements here. Are you a hard core, semi-hardcore, casual, or weekend player? We'll find the perfect fit for you. Focused on leveling or are you all about the endgame? Do you only enjoy PvP, whether it's out in the world or you're all about premade BGs? Either way, we've got you covered. Feel free to browse, filter, search, and sort through our large database of guilds to your heart's content.

Guild Leaders

Are you a guild master or officer looking for the last few players to fill your raid roster? Create a listing here and players will find you! Just sit back, relax, and let the applications role in. The role of being the GM or one of the officers is hard, so let us help you with the boring stuff.

Classes, Roles, and Specs

There's no doubt that you'll have an easier time finding a role an elite endgame guild if you roll a min/max class, spec, and race character. But this is Classic, where's the fun in that? Are you a shadow priest looking for a guild? What about a feral or balance druid? Playing an elemental / enhance shaman or retribution paladin? What if you want to tank, not play a ret paladin but instead tank as a prot pally or feral drood? None of those are a problem, there are all sorts of guilds looking for offspecs, missfits, or otherwise don't care what you decide to play. It's a game afterall, let us make the task of applying to guilds faster and easier. We'll help you locate the a spot for you in a timely manner!

Profiles for Detailed Information

Not only are you able to filter and search through this list, you can view the profile of any of these awesome guilds to find the best one for your situation. Click on the name to view detailed information such as raid times, events, goals, bio, and more. This is an important to the recruitment process and one that shouldn't be rushed!

Create a Guild

Still can't find the right one after scouring the entire list? No problem, create one and start filling your roster!