Classic WoW Tailoring Leveling Guide: Make Gold While Leveling | Low Level | 1-150

In this guide we’ll go over how to level Tailoring in Classic World of Warcraft in order to make the most gold. You will be making high margin cloth armor and bags that are most likely to sell on the AH for more than the cost of their materials. This may sound like an obvious claim, why wouldn’t a guide take you along this path? That’s because the materials used to craft these tailoring items tend to be on the more expensive side of things. However, since they should sell for more than their material costs, you should be able to turn a nice profit while you level Tailoring!

Steps to maximize profit while leveling Tailoring:

1-50 Bolt of Linen Cloth

Breif: 180+ [Linen Cloth] needed to craft at least 90 [Bolt of Linen Cloth] and get to skill level 50 before moving on.

We’re going to be using a lot, and I do mean a lot, of [Linen Cloth] as we level tailoring in the early levels. Depending on whether you want to switch to wool (recommended for larger margins but more expensive) or bypass it alltogether, we will need anywhere from 90-190 [Bolt of Linen Cloth] so we might as well just craft them until the recipe greys out so we can get free skill levels as we do so. To do so, you will need somewhere around 180-380 [Linen Cloth], again, depending on whether you want to avoid [Wool Cloth] which can be rather expensive compared to linen.

51-72 Option #1: Brown Linen Robe

Breif: If you’re also an enchanter, you’ll need 42 [Bolt of Linen Cloth] and 21 [Coarse Thread] in order to create 21 [Brown Linen Robe].

There are two paths for this skill level range. If you’re an enchanter, I recommend that you take this path because you’ll be able to disenchant the [Brown Linen Robe] that you create which should give you some cheap [Strange Dust] and [Lesser Magic Essence]. You can then use the [Lesser Magic Essence] to create [Lesser Magic Wand] which sell for a nice margin and you can sell the [Strange Dust] or use them to continue leveling your Enchanting.

If you happen to be a low level cloth wearer while you’re leveling, you may want to create one [White Linen Robe] during this stretch because intellect is generally more valuable to spell casters than spirit because it increases your mana pool but that’s personal preference. If you end up doing so, then you’ll want to purchase 1x [Bleach] to do so.

51-72 Option #2: Linen Bag

Breif: If you’re not an enchanter, you’ll need 42 [Bolt of Linen Cloth] and 42 [Coarse Thread] in order to create 21 [Linen Bag].

If you aren’t also leveling up Enchanting as a second primary profession and don’t have an alt that can disenchant items then instead of creating [Brown Linen Robe] you’ll likely want to craft [Linen Bag]. These generally sell for somewhere between 2s (what you can sell them to the vendor for) and 5s (what the purchase value of 6 slot bags from vendors). This tends to be a nice margin, although this isn’t where you’re going to make most of your money since the prices are so low. The up-side is that players tend to purchase bags in sets of 4 so they tend to be liquidated a bit faster than other cloth pieces.

If you don’t want to wait around for these bags to sell on the AH, you can choose to sell them all to a vendor instead (well, keeping 4 for yourself to use of course.) [Linen Bag] has one of the highest [Linen Cloth] to gold ratios when vendoring at a whopping 28.3 copper per [Linen Cloth]. You’re not going to strike it rich doing the linen bag shuffle, but it can help if you’re struggling for silver at low levels.

81-105 Option #1: Bolt of Woolen Cloth

Brief: You can level through this skill range by crafting 40-50 [Bolt of Woolen Cloth] using 120-150x [Wool Cloth].

If you want to maximize the amount and variety of items with high resale margin, then you’ll want need some [Bolt of Woolen Cloth] so why not get some skill levels by crafting these until they’re grey? Note that this will likely require a higher upfront cost than option two for this skill range because [Wool Cloth] tends to be more expensive than [Linen Cloth] so it does have its tradeoffs. If you go this route then we’ll end up using these along with some [Iridescent Pearl] to create some +fire damage gear which is BIS for fire mages for a long time!

81-105 Option #2: Soft-soled Linen Boots

Brief: If you don’t want to make the larger upfront investment in wool and would rather bypass it alltogether, then we can instead make 25x [Soft-soled Linen Boot] by using 125x [Bolt of Linen Cloth], 50x [Light Leather], and 25x [Fine Thread].

These material costs will likely be lower than the wool and we should be able to make a small margin on the boots, however, it will take much longer to liquidate this large supply. If you’re not careful then you can end up losing your profit to the auction house deposite fees for unsold items. I recommend selling these in batches of 3-4 in order to minimize these losses while still keeping a good supply available. It will likely take a week or longer to sell all of these but if you’re pateint you should make a small profit with these. Either be patient or just vendor/DE them if you don’t want to wait for that. You’ll take a small loss but we’ll make up for it with large margin items soon to come!

106-125 Soft-soled Linen Boots

Brief: You’re going to craft somewhere around 30-35 [Soft-soled Linen Boots] (or as many as it takes) to get to skill level 125. This will require 150-165 [Bolt of Linen Cloth], 60-70 [Light Leather], and 30-35 [Fine Thread].

So hopefully you went with option #1 earlier and created the [Bolt of Woolen Cloth], because you’re about to create a lot more [Soft-soled Linen Boot] if you didn’t. Get to skill level 125 with these items. As I outlined above, you should be able to make a small profit with these, it’ll just take a while. Don’t worry though, we’re almost at the high margin items! We just need to make some bolts of Silk. You can actually start crafting [Spidersilk Boots], [Phoenix Gloves], and [Phoenix Pants], all of which are BIS for their level if you wish but this guide will take you through one more step before that.

126-145 Bolt of Silk Cloth

For most of the high margin items, we’re going to need silk, a lot of it so lets go ahead and get some skill levels by crafting [Bolt of Silk Cloth]. We can stop at any time and craft some of the high margin items we’ll discuss shortly. You will, however, need a couple additional materials for each of them which are uncommon. The closer to 150 you are, the more access to these high margin craftable items we’ll get so I recommend getting all the way to 145 by creating [Bolt of Silk Cloth].

145-150 Pick an item, any item

For the last 5 skill points in Tailoring to get to skill level 150, you have a lot of options. The best part is that you’re finally getting access to the high margin items! Well, you already had access since 125 but we decided to invest for the long term. This will allow you to gain skill points past level 150 by creating these high margin items if you’re level 20 or higher.

Here’s a quick table of what to create:

1-50[Bolt of Linen Cloth]2x [Linen Cloth]Keep these, we’ll need them for the next couple steps
51-72[Brown Linen Robe] or [Linen Bag]3x [Bolt of Linen Cloth], [Coarse Thread] or 3x [Bolt of Linen Cloth], 3x [Coarse Thread]If you did pick up enchanting, I recommend sticking with [Brown Linen Robe] until it turns green (although you can continue until 90 when it greys out if you really want to). Then you can disenchant them and use the [Lesser Magic Essence] to create [Lesser Magic Wand]. If you aren’t an enchanter, you’ll probably want to switch over to [Linen Bag] since they tend to AH for a couple silver, are in fairly high demand since they’re cheap, and have one of the highest [Linen Cloth] to silver ratio when it comes to vendoring at 28.3 copper per linen cloth so if you dont want to wait for the AH you can dump them at a vender and recoup most of your cost, if not profit from it.
73-80[Linen Bag]3x [Bolt of Linen Cloth], 3x [Coarse Thread]
81-105[Bolt of Woolen Cloth]3x [Wool Cloth]You can completely skip wool if you want to by just crafting [Soft-soled Linen Boots] all the way to 125 but it’ll take you forever to sell them all on the AH. We’ll use this wool cloth to create [Phoenix Gloves] and [Phoenix Pants] which are BIS (fire) mage items for their level.
106-125[Soft-soled Linen Boots]5x [Bolt of Linen Cloth], 2x [Light Leather], [Fine Thread]These should AH for a small profit but will likely take a week or so to get rid of them. Longer if there are a lot of other people leveling tailoring and dumping these since they’re fairly common in other tailoring leveling guides. I recommend only putting a couple of them on the AH at a time so that you don’t lose to much from the deposites.
126-145[Bolt of Silk Cloth]4x [Silk Cloth]These will be used to create high margin items so I recommend crafting them at least until 140, if not all the way to 145 when they turn grey. The more materials you have, the more gold you’ll end up with at the end.
146-150Whatever you wantYou have a bunch of options, refer to the table about high margin items that is listed below

Tailoring 150, now what?

You did it! You hit skill level 150 in Tailoring, congratulations! If you’re below level 20 then this is the highest you can go until you level up your character a bit. Have no fear though, there are a lot of ways recipies that you can use to make gold using Tailoring at this level!

Most people think the gold is in the bags when it comes to Tailoring, but that’s where they’re wrong. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of money to be made selling bags. Players tend to buy multiple bags at a time, sometimes even all four at once so you get 4x the profit! Awesome right? Well, sort of. Because of this, there is also a lot of competition. So while I recommend you craft and list your [Small Silk Pack] on the auction house, there are also about a dozen other recipes that I highly recommend looking in to.

Most of these recipes require you to go out and find a world drop recipe or purchase it from the AH but they’re well worth the investment in my opinion. Most (if not all) of these are best in slot for their level and some time to come for specific classes and specs. A lot of them have + spell damage and + healing, others just have nice stats. Either way, there will be a demand for these items and a relatively low supply for them which leads to some juicey margins.

Low Level Gold Making Tailoring Recipies:

As mentioned above, a lot of these require additional recipies rather than just picking them up at the trainer. You can create these as soon as your character is level 10 which is pretty nice if you want to level an alt for an additional cash flow. Without further adu, here’s a list of the items I recommend focusing on when it comes to making money as low level Tailor:

110[Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders]I know they’re common quality, but these are the lowest level shoulders that players can get and everyone is itching to fill out their armor as soon as possible. These don’t require any uncommon materials so their margins will be lower but I recommend keeping an eye on them!
125[Spidersilk Boots]These are BIS for a long time as a caster! They offer great stats with intellect, stamina, and spirit. They’re also an early level rare item so there’s a little bit of wow factor in there with the demand
125[Phoenix Gloves]+9 fire spell damage for gloves at level 20! Every mage that uses [Fireball] will want a pair of these.
125[Phoenix Pants]+10 fire spell damage for pants at level 20! Similar to the [Phoenix Glvoes], a lot of mages are going to want a pair of these.
140[Azure Silk Pants]+10 frost spell damage. A lot of mages will be going frost spec in order to AOE grind their way to level 60. Those are your target market for these pants.
145[Azure Silk Gloves]+ 10 frost spell damage. Again, frost mages are going to love these!
145[Azure Silk Hood]Similar to the [Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders], this is one of the earliest level head pieces available to cloth wearers so people will be biting at the bit to fill that armor slot.
145[Hands of Darkness]+9 shadow spell damage for hands. Every warlock and shadow priest is going to want a pair of these.
150[Azure Silk Vest]+7 frost spell damage and additional intellect, it’s almost to good to be true. As with the other azure items, frost mages are going to love these.
150[Truefaith Gloves]+15 healing. These are best in slot for just about any healer for a long time to come! They even have a little bit of intellect to increase their mana pool and crit chance.
150[Small Silk Pack]Last but certainly not least, they are the basic tailor money makers for skill level 150. I still think you’ll make more gold and will certainly have less competition with some of the previous items listed, but we can’t leave these out. There’s something nice about opening up your mailbox and see that a couple people purchased 4 of these bags each! The margins may be low because of all the competition, but they’ll make up for it in quantity sold.

That’s about it for leveling and making gold as a low level Tailor from 1-150

Wrapping it up

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