Classic WoW Leatherworking Leveling Guide: Make Gold While Leveling | Low Level | 1-150

In this guide we’ll go over how to level Leatherworking in Classic World of Warcraft in order to make the most gold. You will be making high margin leather armor, ammo pouches, and quivers that are most likely to sell on the AH for more than the cost of their materials. This may sound like an obvious claim, why wouldn’t a guide take you along this path? That’s because the materials used to craft these leatherworking items tend to be on the more expensive side of things. However, since they should sell for more than their material costs, you should be able to turn a nice profit and actually make money while you level Leatherworking!

Steps to maximize profit while leveling Leatherworking:

1-35(40) Option #1: Light Leather

Craft as many of these as you can, the mats are of no use other than to create [Light Leather]. The mats for this, however, do vendor for more than the [Light Leather] itself so you may decide to vender [Ruined Leather Scraps] once this turns grey.

1-35(40) Option #2: Light Armor Kit

If you don’t have enough [Ruined Leather Scraps] to get to skill level 40, then you can finish by crafting [Light Armor Kit]. If you can happen to get your hands on the recipe for [Rugged Leather Pants] and you’re an enchanter then you can stop at level 35, otherwise craft these until skill level 40.

I recommend using the armor kits on your armor if you don’t have any enchants on them already. Once you have these applied, you can just vendor the rest or give them to friends and guildies. They’re not usually valued much at the AH.

36-?? Cured Light Hide

If you have any [Light Hide] then I recommend crafting as many of these at this time as you have mats for. We’ll be using them later on for some profitable pieces so you might as well get some skill points now!

36-85 Option #1: Rugged Leather Pants

If you’re an enchanter (or have an enchanting alt or friends/guildie) and you can get your hands on the recipe for [Rugged Leather Pants] then I highly recommend you do so because these are the cheapest source of enchanting mats that are available via crafting. Light leather usually ends up right around vendor prices on the AH so you should be able to craft these for under 1s 50c each. You can then disenchant these for [Strange Dust] and [Lesser Magic Essence].

This pattern turns green at skill level 80 so you can either continue to craft these with lower skill up chance or you can move to one of the other options for the last 5 points in this skill range.

41-85 Option #2: Embossed Leather Vest

These are another fairly cheap source for crafted greens so if have an enchanter then you can go with these as well, coming in somewhere right around 2s each. They probably won’t sell to well on the auction house themselves but you can always try.

41-45 Option #3a: Light Armor Kit

If you don’t have an enchanter, continue crafting [Light Armor Kit] at least until they turn green (45). Again, you can just giveaway or vendor the excess that you have.

46-55 Option #3b: Handstitched Leather Cloak

If you don’t have an enchanter, I recommend crafting these as they’re a cheap source of skill points and you can vendor these for close to the price you’d be able to sell the mats for.

56-60 Option #3c: Embossed Leather Gloves

Again, if you don’t have an enchanter then you should probably craft [Embossed Leather Gloves] for this skill range. You can vendor them afterward for a small profit compared to selling the mats to the vendor. Material costs/sale prices come out to 65c whereas the gloves vendor for 71c. You’re not going to get rich with these, however, it is nice to start making money rather than lose it while leveling Leather Working!

61-85 Option #3d: Embossed Leather Cloak

Again, the non enchanting route. [Embossed Leather Cloak] vendor for a larger margin than [Embossed Leather Gloves]. The material cost/sale prices are 95c to make, then you can vendor the cloaks for 1s 12c giving you a 17c profit. Again, nothing huge but nice nonetheless.

86-100 Fine Leather Cloak

[Fine Leather Cloak] are nice because they offer 2 stamina (20 health) and are useable by all classes at level 10. Because of this, there will be large demand for these, allowing you to sell them at a decent margin as well as having the ability to off-load your stock fairly easily.

101-105 Cured Medium Hide

Craft as many [Cured Medium Hide] as you can, we will be using these hides at a later time to craft some high margin items. Because of this, you should get as many skill points as you can now. Don’t worry if you don’t have any medium hide though, just craft some more [Fine Leather Cloak] or jump ahead to the [Fine Leather Tunic]

106-115 Fine Leather Tunic

I recommend crafting [Fine Leather Tunic] if you have the [Cured Light Hide]. You can decide to craft more of these, they tend to sell pretty nicely on the AH. Every rogue, hunter, and feral druid in this level range is going to want one of these. The requirement of 3x [Cured Light Hide] makes the supply for these lower than other items which means that there will be lower competition than other items. If you run out of [Cured Light Hide], you can finish off this skill range by crafting additional [Fine Leather Cloak].

116-130 Dark Leather Tunic

[Dark Leather Tunic] are nice chest pieces for any rogue, hunter, and in some cases feral druids. Craft these and list them on the AH for a nice margin.

131-145 Dark Leather Pants

[Dark Leather Pants] are another nice item that gives additional agility to leather wearers. Rogues and hunters, along with some feral druids will like these so list them on the AH.

146-150 Hillman’s Shoulders

[Hillman’s Shoulders] are an early level leather shoulder which makes the demand for them high already. Mix in the fact that they have nice stats +5 stamina (50 health) and +4 spirit and this drives the demand even higher. All leather wearers will want these.

Leatherworking 150, all the ways to make gold!

So you made it all the way to skill level 150, congrats! Hopefully you made a bit of gold along the way :) Now that you’re 150 though, you’ll have to wait until your character hits level 20 before increasing your skill level any further. Have no fear though, there are many ways to make gold as a 150 skill level Leatherworker! Below is a table of great money making recipies and patterns. Some may require purchasing a pattern from the AH, but in many cases they are well worth the effort. Don’t forget to check read the comments next to each item!

35[Rugged Leather Pants]5x [Light Leather] 5x [Coarse Thread]These are the cheapest source of enchanting materials that are available to crafters. You can craft these for right around 1s 50c each then turn around and disenchant them for cheap [Strange Dust] and [Lesser magic Essence].
85[Fine Leather Tunic]3x [Cured Light Hide], 6x [Light Leather], 4x [Coarse Thread]These are one of the earliest profitable items to craft. They have great stats which will cause many hunters, rouges, feral druids, and enhance shamans to want these.
85[Fine Leather Cloak]10x [Light Leather], 2x [Fine Thread]+2 stamina at level 10 on a cloak makes these very enticing to just about any class leading to high demand.
90[Murloc Scale Belt]8x [Slimy Murloc Scale], 6x [Light Leather], 1x [Fine Thread]If you can get your hands on some cheap [Slimy Murloc Scale] then these can have high margins. Because of the rarer material requirement and coming from a pattern that you need to buy rather than a trainer the supply will be naturally lower than many other items. Combine this with the great stats and you will have nice margins no matter how you look at it.
95[Murloc Scale Breastplate]12x [Slimy Murloc Scale], 1x [Cured Light Hide], 8x [Light Leather], 1x [Fine Thread]Similar to the [Murloc Scale Belt] these will have low supply and high demand. If you can find a cheap source of [Slimy Murloc Scale] then you’ll be in business!
95[Light Leather Pants]10x [Light Leather], 1x [Cured Light Hide], 1x [Fine Thread]While the spirit isn’t to sought after, the +5 agility at level 14 leads to these being liked a lot by various leather wearers.
100[Black Whelp Tunic]8x [Medium Leather], 8x [Black Whelp Scale], 1x [Cured Light Hide], 2x [Fine Thread]These have the same stats as [Murloc Scale Breastplate], however, they require level 15 instead of 14 and have slightly higher material costs which makes the margins for these slightly lower. Still a nice choice to have in your pocket.
100[Dark Leather Tunic]6x [Medium Leather], 1x [Fine Thread], 1x [Gray Dye]+6 agility makes this chest piece very desirable.
115[Deviate Scale Belt]10x [Perfect Deviate Scale], 10x [Deviate Scale], 2x [Fine Thread]These are best in slot (BIS) for leather wearing level 19 twinks. You can often even find these on paladin and warrior twinks because of the amazing stats. Even without twinks though, [Deviate Scale Belt] are in high demand because they will be worn for many, many levels.
115[Dark Leather Pants]12x [Medium Leather], 1x [Gray Dye], 1x [Fine Thread]+8 agility leads to high demand among many leather wearers around this level range.
125[Dark Leather Belt]1x [Fine Leather Belt], 1x [Cured Medium Hide], 2x [Fine Thread], 1x [Gray Dye]Note that you can craft [Fine Leather Belt] so don’t go purchasing these from the AH!
125[Fletcher’s Gloves]8x [Medium Leather], 4x [Long Tail Feather], 2x [Fine Thread]These are nice for hunters as they give +1% critical strike chance to their ranged attacks.
130[Hillman’s Shoulders]1x [Cured Medium Leather], 4x [Medium Leather], 1x [Fine Thread]Early level leather shoulders which give stamina. Very sought after by all leather wearers.
135[Toughened Leather Gloves]4x [Medium Leather], 2x [Cured Medium Hide], 2x [Elixir of Defense], 2x [Spider’s Silk], 2x [Fine Thread]The materials for these gloves may be a bit off putting, however, their will be high demand for these by hunters and rouges.
140[Dark Leather Shoulders]12x [Medium Leather], 1x [Elixir of Lesser Agility], 1x [Gray Dye], 2x [Fine Thread]The [Elixir of Lesser Agility] can be a bit hard to come by if you don’t have access to an alchemist, however, these will be highly desired by rogues, hunters, and feral druids.
140[Pilferer’s Gloves]10x [Medium Leather], 2x [Lucky Charm], 2x [Fine Thread]+8 agility makes these highly desired. Make friends with some rogues for easy and cheap access to [Lucky Charm] as they’re usually just vendored and only obtainable via pickpocketing humanoids.
150[Hillman’s Cloak]5x [Heavy Leather], 2x [Fine Thread]If you’re alliance, then you can sell these for a nice margin since they’re required for a quest in south shore which rewards a nice cloak with agility and spirit.
150[Barbaric Gloves]6x [Heavy Leather], 2x [Large Fang], 1x [Fine Thread]The [Large Fang] can be a bit hard to come by, however, the nice stats can make these fairly desirable.
150[Heavy Leather Ammo Pouch]8x [Heavy Leather], 2x [Fine Thread]These are highly desired by hunters because it allows them to hold more ammo as well as increasing their ranged attack speed by 12%.
150[Heavy Quiver]8x [Heavy Leather], 2x [Fine Thread]These are highly desired by hunters because it allows them to hold more arrows as well as increasing their ranged attack speed by 12%.


Well that’s about it! As you can see, there is a way to level Leatherworking while profiting off of it. In addition, there is a way to profit off of Leatherworking, even if you’re capped at skill level 150. The high number of different patterns available to Leatherworkers allows you to diversify and cast a large net so you’re virtually guaranteed to sell something every time you list them all! Don’t forget to check your AH prices because the profit margins will vary from server to server.

Wrapping it up

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