Classic WoW Enchanting Leveling Guide: Make Gold While Leveling | Low Level | 1-150

Leveling Enchanting is a notorious gold sink and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be though! In this guide, we’ll discuss how to level Enchanting from 1-150 and make gold doing it, as well as how to continue to profit off of Enchanting once you’re capped at 150, after which you’ll need to level your character to level 20 to level it up to skill level 225.

So what is Enchanting anyway?

Enchanting is one of the nine primary professions available to players in Classic World of Warcraft. It allows you to add additional stats, attributes, and affects to various armor items and weapons to make your character more powerful. It’s highly sought after by endgame players in order to push their performance over the top to do better in raids and PvP.

Disenchanting: What is it?

We’ll go over disenchanting more thoroughly toward the end of this guide but first before we start we should briefly discuss it. In addition to [Enchanting], every enchanter is also give a skill called [Disenchant] which allows you to break down uncommon (green), rare (blue), and epic (purple) armor and weapons in order to get enchanting materials. This is the main source of all enchanting mats in the game, although there is the occasional world drop or item found in a chest or other container.

One important thing to note is that you can level enchanting from level 1-50 using only [Disenchant]! That means that you can level enchanting while acquiring materials for your later levels. What’s even better is that starting at skill level 1, you’re able to disenchant ANY disenchantable item in the game — you don’t need to be a higher level enchanter to do so.

Profession pairs

In this section, we’ll discuss what profession choices you have for pairing with Enchanting. Because we don’t need a specific gathering profession to gather materials (simply disenchant items) you have a pretty broad choice. We will however focus on a few professions that pair well with Enchanting.

Tailoring, the default choice

Tailoring is one of the most common professions that are paired with Enchanting. This is mainly because the primary material used in Tailoring, cloth, drops off of humanoids throughout Azeroth. Other crafting professions, however, require materials that are gained from gathering professions such as skins (from Skinning) and minerals / ore (from Mining).

One of the cheapest ways to get Enchanting materials is to craft green (uncommon quality) items using your crafting profession, in this case Tailoring, then disenchanting them into mats. Early on, one of the best patterns for getting [Strange Dust] and [Lesser Magic Essence] (which can be converted into [Greater Magic Essence] as needed) is to craft [Brown Linen Robe]. For more details, checkout our Tailoring guide.

Leatherworking, another crafting option

If you don’t want to take Tailoring (or happen to be a leather wearing class such as Rogue, Hunter, Shaman, or Druid) you can take Leatherworking. Leatherworking uses skins obtained from skinning beasts in order to produce leather (and later on some mail) armor. This armor can then be used to disenchant into enchanting materials. Since skins tend to be fairly cheap on the AH, instead of farming the materials it is possible to rely solely on the auction house in order to fuel your crafting-disenchanting cycle.

The cheapest way to create [Strange Dust] and [Lesser Magic Essence] ends up coming from Leatherworking which makes it an especially good pair for a low level Enchanter. The pattern that does this is the one for [Rugged Leather Pants] which normally ends up costing less than 1s 50c in order to create a single green item. You can then disenchant these for an 80% chance at getting 1-5 [Strange Dust] and a 20% chance of getting 1-3 [Lesser Magic Essence]. Because of this, if you can get a small surplus in gold, you’ll be able to create very cheap enchanting materials which can help you level cheaper and profit off of higher margins. For a more detailed guide on Leatherworking, checkout our Leatherworking guide

Gathering professions

Since Enchanting doesn’t rely on any gathering professions in order to get materials to use this profession, it doesn’t matter a ton what your second profession choice is. Because of this, a lot of players choose to pick up a gathering profession because they know how to make gold using them. Simply gather materials and sell them on the AH! For a more detailed guide, check out our Gathering profession guide

Steps for leveling Enchanting from 1-150

Disenchant as much as you can early on! [1-50] (optional)

As noted in the brief description about disenchanting earlier, you should be disenchanting as many items as you can early on. Not only will you get enchanting materials, you will also be able to gain one skill point per disenchant from levels 1-50!

Runed Copper Rod [1-2]

Once you’re done disenchanting you can and are ready to start leveling this skill in other ways. To do so, you’ll need to create an item called [Runed Copper Rod]. This item is a tool that you’re required to have in your inventory every time you use your enchanting skill where it’s a requirement. Later levels will have you creating [Runed Silver Rod], [Runed Golden Rod], [Runed Truesilver Rod], and [Runed Arcanite Rod] but for now let’s just stick to the copper version (it’s the only one available now anyway, haha.)

Just craft one of these. To do so, you’ll need: [Copper Rod], [Strange Dust], and [Lesser Magic Essence]. You can always purchase the [Copper Rod] from an enchanting supplies vendor. In addition to the rod, these vendors will occasionally sell a limited supply of [Strange Dust] and [Lesser Magic Essence]. Hopefully you’ve already obtained the dust and essence from your disenchanting ventures earlier. However, if you didn’t get the materials but you’re lucky enough that the materials are in stock then you’ll be able to purchase all the materials required for this item from the vendor. Then you can craft it on the spot. If you’re unlucky and don’t already have these materials then I suggest going to an auction house (which are located in each major capital city).

Worth noting: You can convert [Greater Magic Essence] into 3x [Lesser Magic Essence] and vice versa. So if you can find a GME for less than the cost of 3 LME, you should purchase the [Greater Magic Essence] over the lesser version to save money.

Lesser Magic Wand [2-75]

[Lesser Magic Wand] is one of the most useful items for an early level warlock, priest, and occasionally mage. This is because it has a very high damage per second (11.33 DPS which is enormous at level 5) which allows you to kill monsters quickly and improves the leveling experience. In addition to wands being generally useful to casters, this particular one is best in slot (BIS) which means that it is the best possible wand for level 5 and also happens to be very good until level 13 when you can use the [Greater Magic Wand].

Players will often pay a premium as soon as they hit level 5 so that they can level quicker. This causes a high demand for the items and allows you to make gold from them. To create one of these you’ll need [Simple Wood] and [Lesser Magic Essence]. Whatever the price of the materials on the AH, you should be able to sell them with a nice margin.

Because you are creating so many of these, it may take you a while to sell all of them. Don’t worry though, just list ~5 of these at a time and stash the rest in your bank. If you want to move these a little quicker, then in addition to the AH you can advertise in trade chat /2 as well as general chat /1 in low level and secondary zones. Most level 5s won’t have much silver to spare for this item so your main customers are going to be levels 8-12.

In addition to selling these to other players, if you can get [Lesser Magic Essence] for 4s 68c or [Greater Magic Essence] for 14s 04c each then you can actually vendor these wands for a profit! Even if they’re not making money, you can still vendor them to recoup some of the cost of leveling. Unfortunately you are unable to [Disenchant] these wands (or any others that you make) so vendoring is the only quick way to get rid of a lot of these at once.

If you don’t mind holding on to these for a while to sell on the AH, you can continue leveling these until skill level 95 (green) or even 115 (grey). If you plan to vendor them then I recommend stopping at level 70 and moving on to the next step.

Greater Magic Wand [76-110, 112-150]

[Greater Magic Wand] is the successor to the [Lesser Magic Wand]. This wand comes in at a staggering 17.50 DPS which is a huge bump in leveling speeds at level 13 and onward! This item is also best in slot for its level and good well into your low 20s, however it can be replaced for slightly higher DPS later in the teens.

In order to create one of these, you will need [Simple Wood] and [Greater Magic Essence]. You gain this formulae at skill level 70, it turns yellow at 110, green at 130, and grey at 150. Since you should be able to sell these for a profit on the auction house as well as directly to players, I recommend crafting these all the way to skill 150 although feel free to dabble in some of the gold making formulae that we’ll cover later.

These are highly desired by priests as well as warlocks (not so much mages although you might get the occasional buyer). This is because of the high DPS that the wand offers in addition to their ability to put damage over time spells (DOTs) on the target before they begin wanding. Because these are so desirable by priests and warlocks, you should be able to sell these over the coarse of a couple weeks. In order to speed up this process, you can mention them in trade chat /2 as well as general chat /1 in the level 10-20 zones. Just about every priest and warlock will want one once they hit level 13 so if you see a player without one of these, you might even try asking them directly. They’ll say yes if they can afford it most of the time.

Similar to the [Lesser Magic Wands], these actually vendor for a fairly good price! Because of this, vendoring is always an option if the material prices drop low enough or if you don’t mind a slight loss. The margins for vendoring these are even better than the lesser version of these wands. If you can get [Greater Magic Essence] for less than 14s 95c or [Lesser Magic Essence] for less than 4s 98c then vendoring actually becomes profitable.

Worth noting: [Blazing Wand] (BOE), [Cinder Wand] (Horde), and [Spark of the People’s Militia] (Alliance) are actually upgrades between lesser and greater magic wands, however most people don’t get them before level 13 so [Greater Magic Wand] is the natural progression.

Runed Silver Rod [111]

Don’t forget to craft your [Runed Silver Rod] before it goes grey! You can craft this at any point starting at skill level 110 but it doesn’t turn yellow until 130 so there’s not a huge hurry. If you want to be able to make money off of enchants earlier rather than producing a huge stock of [Greater Magic Wand] then you’ll want to craft this for skill level 111. Then you’ll have a larger selection of enchants open and the ability to make gold using them.

Worth noting is that this does NOT replace the [Runed Copper Rod], it goes along side it. You still need to have the copper rod in your inventory in order to craft [Lesser Magic Wand] and [Greater Magic Wand] as well as various low level enchants. Because of this, DO NOT vendor your [Runed Copper Rod] once you craft your [Runed Silver Rod].

Where’s [112-150]?

After you craft your [Runed Silver Rod], you’ll head back to crafting [Greater Magic Wand] so revisit that step. You can always mix it up with some of the profitable enchants but I’d recommend doing so toward the end of that step. After that, you should have enchanting skill 150.

Enchanting skill 150, now what?

Congratulations! Not many people make it to skill 150 because enchanting is notoriously slow and costly to level so give yourself a pat on the back. You likely have a lot of [Lesser Magic Wand] and [Greater Magic Wand] at this point. Rather than posting them all at one time and losing gold on the deposits of auctions that don’t sell, list around 5 of them at a time and put the rest of them in your bank. You should be able to sell a fair amount each day so you’ll only be over stocked for a couple weeks, after which you’ll be back to crafting them because they’re making gold. Just when you thought you were sick of them, back to wand manufacturing it is!

In addition to crafting wands, there are a number of low level enchants that are desirable by various types of players. These mainly consist of stamina, strength, and agility armor enchants as well as ones for weapons for players leveling. Then there are a couple enchants at this level that are useful for raids (yes, endgame content) as well as ones that are used for gathering high level materials.

When it comes to enchants for leveling players, I recommend either advertising in cities or low-mid level towns. You can use /2, /1, and /y to advertise your services. As long as they’re reasonably priced then you should be able to get some customers. Another option that a lot of people go with is offering free enchants in the hopes of getting a tip. Sometimes players will tip you more than you would have otherwise asked for which helps offset the non-tippers. You can make a lot of friends this way. In addition to advertising in chat channels, I’d recommend mentioning your services to players in your parties, especially in instance groups because they’ll have a longer time to think about it as well as getting new gear that will last for a few levels.

Here’s a list of the formulae that I recommend focusing on as a low level enchanter in order to make gold. You’ll have to look at the economy of your server in order to determine if these will make you gold but I believe you’ll most likely be able to make some money:

10[Lesser Magic Wand][Simple Wood], [Lesser Magic Essence]BIS for level 5 casters. Great all the way through level 13 until [Greater Magic Wand] replaces it.
70[Greater Magic Wand][Simple Wood], [Greater Magic Essence]BIS for level 13 casters. Great until late teens / early 20s.
80[Enchant Bracer - Minor Stamina]3x [Strange Dust]You should be able to get at least around 10s for this enchant and the materials will likely cost about half of that. Remember, each stamina is an additional 10 health.
95[Enchant Bracer - Minor Agility]2x [Strange Dust] [Greater Magic Essence]Agility is highly desired by rogues and hunters as well as feral druids and to a lesser extent enhance shamans and warriors because this increases critical strike chance, attack power, and armor. The materials are a bit steep for just 1 agility but you never know who wants it.
95[Enchant Bracers - Minor Strength]5x [Strange Dust]A cheap enchant that uses the lowest level enchanting mats combined with a desirable stat: strength. There’s potential for small profits with this because warriors, paladins, rogues, feral druids, and enhance shamans find it useful for additional melee attack power and chance to block with a shield.
100[Enchant Weapon - Minor Beastslayer]4x [Strange Dust], 2x [Greater Magic Essence]This is the lowest level (and likely cheapest) weapon enchant that has a glow! Advertise it as a glowing weapon enchant and you’ll be able to have at least 100% ROI.
110[Enchant Shield - Minor Stamina][Lesser Astral Essence], 2x [Strange Dust]Tanks are the most likely to want to stack stamina, so additional stamina to a shield is very desirable for them.
115[Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility][Lesser Astral Essence]Again, agility is desirable to most melee classes so as long as you can get the materials for a low enough price, you should be able to make some silver
130[Enchant Boots - Minor Stamina]8x [Strange Dust]Again, stamina is a sought after stat so there will be demand. Combined with this enchant requiring only [Strange Dust], the lowest level enchanting material out there, that opens up opportunities for a good margin.
135[Enchant Bracer - Lesser Stamina]2x [Soul Dust]This enchant offers +3 stamina which is far more enticing than previous stamina enchants covered. This one is actually worth advertising as a low level enchanter.
145[Enchant Bracer = Lesser Strength]2x [Soul Dust]This enchant offers +3 strength which more enticing that its +1 variant. Again, worth actually advertising if the profit is there.
145[Enchant Weapon - Lesser Striking]2x [Soul Dust] [Large Glimmering Shard]+2 weapon damage is very nice for low level, fast weapons and classes with instant attacks such as rogues. Also, it has a very faint white glow.
150[Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Impact]3x [Soul Dust], [Large Glimmering Shard]+3 damage to a 2h weapon can be desirable in itself, additionally, there is a nice blue-white glow to it! Which some people like enough in itself.

In addition to the enchants that are useful to low level players in their leveling experience, there are a couple enchants that are desired even by level 60s for endgame content. Here they are:

130[Enchant Cloak - Lesser Fire Resistance][Fire Oil], [Lesser Astral Essence]This enchant is the economic costing fire resistance cloak enchant, coming in at +5 fire resistance. Because the +15 resistance enchant doesn’t come out until a later phase, you will be able to sell these as most players won’t see much benefit to the more expensive version that give +7 fire resistance. Very nice enchant for Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair
140[Enchant Cloak - Lesser Shadow][Greater Astral Essence], [Shadow Protection Potion]This enchant will be needed for the Twin Emperors in AQ40 as well as some encounters in Naxx. While this won’t be as useful early on in Classic, once these raids are released there will be constant demand for them!
150[Enchant Gloves - Fishing][Soul Dust], 3x [Blackmouth Oil]Useful for getting a little extra fishing skill for endgame content. There’s an encounter in ZG where fishing skill in excess of 300 will be needed.
150[Enchant Gloves - Mining][Soul Dust], 3x [Iron Ore]For AQ40, miners need a mining skill of 305 in order to mine [Obsidian Ore]
150[Enchant Gloves - Herbalism][Soul Dust], 3x [Kingsblood]I can’t remember off the top of my head what this is used for but given the the previous similar enchants this will likely come in handy for some endgame content.

How To Making Gold By Disenchanting

So you’ve made it to Enchanting skill 150 and made a bit of gold. You’ve likely even used your [Disenchant] skill a bit. But there’s more to making money off of enchanting than just wands and enchants! Sell excess enchanting materials on the AH! Do this by buying low priced gear, disenchanting it, and selling the mats for a higher price. Here’s a breakdown of what items will break down into what materials:

Uncommon Armor Disenchanting Chart

Min LevelMax LevelDust2-5 Dust %Essence1-3 Essence %ShardShard %
510[Strange Dust]80[Lesser Magic Essence]20-0
1115[Strange Dust]75[Lesser Magic Essence]20[Small Glimmering Shard]5
1620[Strange Dust]75[Greater Magic Essence]20[Small Glimmering Shard]5
2125[Strange Dust]75[Lesser Astral Essence]20[Small Glimmering Shard]5
2630[Soul Dust]75[Greater Astral Essence]20[Large Glimmering Shard]5
3135[Soul Dust]75[Lesser Mystic Essence]20[Small Glowing Shard]5
3630[Vision Dust]75[Greater Mystic Essence]20[Large Glowing Shard]5
4145[Vision Dust]75[Lesser Nether Essence]20[Small Radiant Shard]5
4650[Dream Dust]75[Greater Nether Essence]20[Large Radiant Shard]5
5155[Dream Dust]75[Lesser Eternal Essence]20[Small Brilliant Shard]5
5660[Illusion Dust]75[Greater Eternal Essence]20[Large Brilliant Shard]5

Uncommon Weapon Disenchanting List

Min LevelMax LevelDust2-5 Dust %Essence1-3 Essence %ShardShard %
510[Strange Dust]20[Lesser Magic Essence]80-0
1115[Strange Dust]20[Lesser Magic Essence]75[Small Glimmering Shard]5
1620[Strange Dust]20[Greater Magic Essence]75[Small Glimmering Shard]5
2125[Strange Dust]20[Lesser Astral Essence]75[Small Glimmering Shard]5
2630[Soul Dust]20[Greater Astral Essence]75[Large Glimmering Shard]5
3135[Soul Dust]20[Lesser Mystic Essence]75[Small Glowing Shard]5
3630[Vision Dust]20[Greater Mystic Essence]75[Large Glowing Shard]5
4145[Vision Dust]20[Lesser Nether Essence]75[Small Radiant Shard]5
4650[Dream Dust]20[Greater Nether Essence]75[Large Radiant Shard]5
5156[Dream Dust]20[Lesser Eternal Essence]75[Small Brilliant Shard]5
5660[Illusion Dust]20[Greater Eternal Essence]75[Large Brilliant Shard]5

Rare Armor and Weapon Disenchanting Percentages

Min LevelMax LevelShardShard %[Nexus Crystal] %
1115[Small Glimmering Shard]1000
1620[Small Glimmering Shard]1000
2125[Small Glimmering Shard]1000
2630[Large Glimmering Shard]1000
3135[Small Glowing Shard]1000
3630[Large Glowing Shard]1000
4145[Small Radiant Shard]1000
4650[Large Radiant Shard]1000
5156[Small Brilliant Shard]955
5660[Large Brilliant Shard]955

Epic Weapon and Armor Disenchanting Stats

Min LevelMax LevelShardShard %[Nexus Crystal] %
1115[Small Glimmering Shard]1000
1620[Small Glimmering Shard]1000
2125[Small Glimmering Shard]1000
2630[Large Glimmering Shard]1000
3135[Small Glowing Shard]1000
3630[Large Glowing Shard]1000
4145[Small Radiant Shard]1000
4650[Large Radiant Shard]1000
5156[Small Brilliant Shard]8020

Wrapping it up

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