Classic WoW Alchemy Leveling Guide: Make Gold While Leveling | Low Level | 1-150

In this guide we’ll go over how to level Alchemy in Classic World of Warcraft in order to make the most gold. You will be making potions, elixirs, and oils that are most likely to sell on the AH for more than the cost of their materials. This may sound like an obvious claim, why wouldn’t a guide take you along this path? That’s because the materials used to craft these alchemy recipes tend to be on the more expensive side of things. However, since they should sell for more than their material costs, you should be able to turn a profit while you level alchemy!

Steps to maximize profit while leveling Alchemy:

1-60 Minor Healing Potions

Brief: You will need 60x [Peacebloom], 60x [Silverleaf], and 60x [Empty Vial]. You will use these to craft 60x [Minor Healing Potion]

Detailed: There’s not much opportunity to make a net gain for the first 60 levels, so for the sake of this guide I’ll recommend creating [Minor Healing Potion] as you’re likely to get a bit of use out of them. You’re free to craft any combination of [Minor Healing Potion], [Elixir of Lion’s Strength], and [Elixir of Minor Defense] to get these skill levels. [Earthroot] is often a bit more expensive than [Peacebloom] and [Silverleaf] so [Elixir of Lion’s Strength] will likely be the most expensive to craft. This is entirely server dependent though.

61-110 Swiftness Potions

You will need 50-70x [Swiftthistle], 50-70x [Briarthorn], and 50-70x [Empty Vial] in order to get your skill level up to 110 while making [Swiftness Potion]. These are great for making gold and will likely be one of your main money makers as a low level alchemist. This is because these potions offer a speed boost which is essentially a [Sprint] or [Dash] which is great for getting out of harm’s way. They’re valued among the twinking community as well as endgame PvP.

While I’m recommending that you create only [Swiftness Potion], other good money makers for this level range are the [Rage Potion], [Blackmouth Oil], [Elixir of Giant Growth], and [Elixir of Water Breathing]. If you’re having trouble finding the materials for [Swiftness Potion] or would like to diversify a bit then feel free to craft these, however you’re missing out on gold in the long run in my opinion.

111-125 Healing Potion

For leveling alchemy through this skill range, you’ll need 15x [Bruiseweed], 15x [Briarthorn], and 15x [Leaded Vial] to make [Healing Potion]. These are another item desired by twinks since they are the best healing potion available to the level 10-19 bracket.

126-130 Fire Oil

Here we’ll use 10x [Firefin Snapper], and 5x [Empty Vial] to create some [Fire Oil] and level alchemy to 130. [Fire Oil] are valuable for a couple reasons. The most demanding of these are that they’re used for later alchemy recipes such as [Elixir of Greater Firepower], [Fire Protection Potion] which are used heavily in raids in addition to [Elixir of Firepower] which is a nice twink elixir for fire mages. There are also [Crimson Silk Gloves] which are a level 37 glove with + fire damage which is highly desired among mages as they level or if they’re twinking at level 39. There are a couple other tailoring recipes and even an enchant to add +5 fire resistance to a cloak but the previously mentioned items are usually the big sellers.

131-140 Elixir of Defense

[Elixir of Defense] is what we’ll craft for these Alchemy levels so we’ll need 10x [Wild Steelbloom], 10x [Stranglekelp], and 10x [Leaded Vial]. These elixirs are in demand because Leatherworkers need two of them to create [Toughened Leather Gloves] which are great rare quality leather gloves that offer agility and stamina so every Rogue, Hunter, and Druid will be drooling over these which drives up demand. You can actually craft these all the way to skill level 155 before they even turn yellow, however, we’re going to try to diversify our products a bit to make them easier to liquidate on the auction house.

141-145 Shadow Protection Potion

We’ll craft [Shadow Protection Potion] by using 5x [Grave Moss], 5x [Kingsblood], and 5x [Leaded Vial] to level alchemy to 145. These are highly desirable since they are used to craft [Boots of Darkness] and [Hands of Darkness] which are level 20ish cloth items that offer + shadow damage which will be best in slot for every Warlock and Shadow Priest for many levels to come. You can actually start crafting these at skill level 135 and go all the way to 160 before they turn yellow so feel free to do so, these are great money makers but don’t sell quite as quickly so it’s probably not desirable to be sitting on a bunch of these while you’re trying to make gold.

146-150 Elixir of Lesser Agility

Using 5x [Wild Steelbloom], 5x [Swiftthistle], and 5x [Leaded Vial] we’ll finish leveling alchemy to level 150! These elixirs are decent sellers since they’re required for some leather shoulders called [Dark Leather Shoulders] which give some nice agility and will be desired by rogues, hunters, and feral druids alike.

Honorable mentions once you’re 150

So you got your Alchemy skill to 150 in Classic WoW, congrats! Don’t forget about some of these new recipes you can get at 150 though. Two that deserve to be mentioned are [Free Action Potion] and [Greater Healing Potion]. These are both great items for twinking at level 29 and the [Free Action Potions] are useful all the way up to max level for PvP so they can bring some nice income as well, don’t forget about them.

List of materials and regents required to level to 150

  • 60 [Peacebloom]
  • 60 [Silverleaf]
  • 115-135 [Empty Vial]
  • 55-75 [Swiftthistle]
  • 65-85 [Briarthorn]
  • 15 [Bruiseweed]
  • 35 [Leaded Vial]
  • 10 [Firefin Snapper]
  • 15 [Wild Steelbloom]
  • 10 [Stranglekelp]
  • 5 [Grave Moss]
  • 5 [Kingsblood]

Alchemy Gold Making Recipies For Low Levels

Here’s a table with the Alchemy products I recommend keeping an eye on in the auction house along with some additional information:

Min SkillItem NameReagentsComments
60Rage PotionSharp Claw, Briarthorn, Empty VialGreat for Warriors and Feral Druids! These instantly give 20-40 rage to the player
60Swiftness PotionSwiftthistle, Briarthorn, Empty VialThese are used a lot for twinks and high level PvP. These increase the player’s run speed by 50% for the next 15sec, essentially giving your character an additional sprint
80Blackmouth Oil2x Oily Blackmouth, Empty VialUsed for [Elixir of Water Breathing], [Free Action Potion], and [Swim Speed Potion] as well as [Enchant Gloves - Fishing].
90Elixir of Giant GrowthDeviate Fish, Earthroot, Empty VialThis is a fun elixir to use and has great role-playing uses. It turns your character into a giant for two minutes
90Elixir of Water BreathingStranglekelp, Blackmouth Oil, Empty Vial
105Swim Speed PotionSwiftthistle, Blackmouth Oil, Empty VialBoosts your swimming speed by 100% for 20 seconds
110Healing PotionBruiseweed, Briarthorn, Leaded VialThese are the best healing potions for level 19 twinks and are also used for great healing gloves called [Truefaith Gloves]
125Lesser Mana PotionMageroyal, Stranglekelp, Empty VialBest mana potions for level 19 twinks
125Fire Oil2x Firefin Snapper, Empty VialThese are used for some + fire damage gear as well as a couple useful higher alchemy recipies like [Elixir of Greater Firepower] and [Fire Protection Potion]
130Elixir of DefenseWild Steelbloom, Stranglekelp, Leaded VialRegent for [Toughened Leather Gloves] which is a piece of 29 twink gear and good leveling gear
135Shadow Protection PotionGrave Moss, Kingsblood, Leaded VialUsed for two great + shadow damage items for Warlocks and Priests called [Boots of Darkness] and [Hands of Darkness]
140Elixir of Lesser AgilityWild Steelbloom, Swiftthistle, Leaded Vial[Dark Leather Shoulders] which provide +7 agility require this elixir which makes it pretty valuable to Rogues and Hunters
150Free Action PotionBlackmouth Oil, Stranglekelp, Leaded VialThese are amazing for any PvP above level 20 including twinks and endgame PvP. This potion prevents you from being stunned or having your movement impaired for 30 secodns.
150Greater Healing PotionLiferoot, Kingsblood, Leaded VialBest healing potion for 29 twinks

Wrapping it up

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