How to make gold in Classic WoW using professions

Have you struggled to make gold in World of Warcraft over the years? Or maybe you’re brand new to the game and want to make sure you get your mount early. It’s pretty hard to do, but in these guides we’ll show you how to make gold using your professions. Whether you want to use gathering, crafting, or secondary professions to do so, we’ll guide you through how to do so!

All about gathering professions: Skinning, Herbalism, and Mining

Gathering professions are one of the easiest ways to make gold in World of Warcraft! In this guide we’ll help you pick which of these gathering professions are best suited for you and your play style; how to best utilize your professions; and what to do with the resources that you collect! How to make gold with mining, herbalism, and skinning in Classic WoW.

Don’t lose gold while leveling Engineering!

Engineering is a notoriously bad gold sink, meaning that most players actually lose money while leveling and using engineering. In this guide, not only will you minimize the amount of gold that you lose while leveling, we believe you’ll actually end up making money while you do so. How to make gold while leveling Engineering in Classic WoW.

Use Alchemy to make gold while leveling

Alchemy is a great money profession for creating wealth in World of Warcraft throughout all the expansions. Classic will be no different! We’ll walk you through how to use Alchemy as a tool to do exactly this. How to level Alchemy in Classic WoW and make gold guide.

Making gold with Tailoring while leveling

Tailors primarily craft cloth armor, however, they can also make sweet items like bags (including profession material specific bags!), shirts, and cloaks. If you want to be able to use the gear you make as a tailor, it would best be paired with classes such as mages, warlocks, and priests. How to make gold while you're a low level Tailor in Classic WoW

Leveling Leatherworking and making gold

Craft leather and mail armor with leatherworking. In addition to this, you can craft other useful things like ammo pouches and leather quivers. There’s also the odds and ends such as the occasional cloak and armor kits which increase the armor value of a piece of equipment. Leatherworking is great for classes that use leather such as rogues, hunters, and shamans since they can create their own gear while leveling. How to make gold while leveling Leatherworking in Classic WoW

Level Enchanting and make gold

Enchanting is the profession in which you make items better by adding stats and unique effects to them. If you want to spend all day in trade chat pressing the same macro to advertise your engchants while making friends (who usually expect friend discounts) and profiting mostly off of tips, then this is the profession for you! If you can get some of the rarer recipies, usually raid drops or rare world drops, then you can make some decent gold. If you can’t, then don’t expect much off the enchanting side of things.

There’s another side to the profession of enchanting though, that is disenchanting! This is where you can make a good profit by getting better use out of the old items you have laying around. You do this by breaking down uncommon, rare, and epic items into enchanting materials including various types of dusts, shards, and essences. This leads to free enchanting materials as you gain (and thus replace) gear; receive items that you don’t have other uses for; or purchase off the AH.

Guide to make gold with enchanting while leveling

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Make and sell weapons, armor, and other Blacksmithing goods for profit

Blacksmithing is a natural choice for plate wearing classes like Warriors and Paladins. Did you know that it can be extremely profitable as well? Follow our tutorial to find out how to do so! How to make gold with low level Blacksmithing in Classic WoW.