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Class: Priest
Name Region Faction Class Spec Race Guild Server type Server Intensity Timezone Lang
Tylerperkins A Priest Holy Priest Dwarf PvP Heartseeker Semi-Hardcore
Erzebeth EU H Priest 21/30/0 Undead PvE Auberdine Semi-Hardcore GMT FR
Avalyn NA A Priest Holy Human Sun Bros PvP Benediction Casual EST EN
Elunna EU A Priest 14/0/37 Night Elf RP-PVP Zandalar Tribe Semi-Hardcore GMT LT, EN
Lackluster EU H Priest 21/30/0 Undead Goon Squad PvP Mograine Semi-Hardcore GMT EN
Gengar EU A Priest Holy. Human Relapse PvE Pyrewood Village Casual GMT EN
Luvstospwg NA H Priest 21/30/0 Undead <The Flint Tropics> PvP Fairbanks Casual PST EN
Papias A Priest 21/30/0 Dwarf Lichbane PvP Sulfuras Semi-Hardcore
Ninlin A Priest Holy Night Elf The Classically Elites PvE Mirage Raceway Casual
Schwester US A Priest 0/0/2 Human PvE Arcanite Reaper Other CST EN,DE
Hartsypoo EU H Priest 21/30 Undead PvP Firemaw Semi-Hardcore CET EN
Kronious H Priest 21/30/0 Troll <Life> PvP Herod Semi-Hardcore
Doof NA H Priest 20/31/0 Undead PvP Blaumeux Semi-Hardcore CST EN
Adaa EU A Priest 21/30 Human PvP Mograine Semi-Hardcore GMT+1 GER, ENG
Zeerax A Priest Holy Dwarf PvE Pyrewood Village Casual
Prix USA A Priest Holy/Discipline Human Dragon Keeper PvE Azuresong Casual central english
Lexam NA H Priest 21/30/0 Undead PvP Blaumeux Semi-Hardcore CST ENG
Dark omen EU H Priest 21/30/0 Troll Dark Omen PvE Pyrewood Village Casual gmt ENGLISH
Greft NA A Priest 5/0/31 Dwarf Vanilla PvP Incendius Semi-Hardcore EST EN
Ammagad EU H Priest 20/0/31 Troll All Gear No Idea PvP Gandling Semi-Hardcore CET / GMT+1 EN
Moß H Priest 23/0/13 - Farmers Only PvP Whitemane Hardcore PST WST
Sicken EU H Priest Holy/Shadow Undead PvP Mograine Semi-Hardcore CET EN
Prate A Priest 21/30/0 Human PvE Mirage Raceway Casual
Krunky NA A Priest 20/0/31 Dwarf Krunky PvP Bigglesworth Semi-Hardcore PST EN
Phistical NA H Priest Healer Undead UrMomsAHorde PvP Stalagg Semi-Hardcore EST EN
Screech NA A Priest 21/31/0 Dwarf Its Always Sunny In Azeroth PvP Fairbanks Semi-Hardcore CST En
Hellofriends NA - Priest 0/0/0 - - Whitemane Semi-Hardcore PST EN
Hellofriends NA - Priest 0/0/0 - - Whitemane Semi-Hardcore PST EN
Zestian NA H Priest 0/0/0 Undead PvP Whitemane Semi-Hardcore Central EN
Baconsniper NA H Priest 16/2/33 Undead Resurgence-Whitemane PvP Whitemane Semi-Hardcore PST EN
Gawd NA A Priest 20/0/31 Human PvE Skeram Hardcore EST EN
Celeste EU A Priest 21/30/0 eventually Human RP-PVP Zandalar Tribe Semi-Hardcore GMT EN
Zhyn EU H Priest 21/30/0 Undead Kalsarikännit PvP Mograine Hardcore GMT EN
Cryptic NA A Priest Shadow Dwarf Triumvirate PvE Pagle Semi-Hardcore EST EN
Kenzy A Priest 25/26/0 Human PvE Bloodsail Buccaneers Hardcore
Niva A Priest not sure yet Human PvE Everlook Semi-Hardcore
Holybitu H Priest 31/20/0 Undead Vanilla Fire PvP Fairbanks Semi-Hardcore
Lemonbean H Priest SHADOW Undead - Whitemane Semi-Hardcore
Koldir EU A Priest 21/30/0 Dwarf Centurion RP-PVP Zandalar Tribe Semi-Hardcore GMT EN
Arishnakrov NA A Priest 32/19/0 - Best in Slot PvP Whitemane Semi-Hardcore PST EN
Fhaelix NA H Priest Holy Undead The Dark Adept PvP Whitemane Semi-Hardcore PST EN
Martini NA A Priest 31/0/20 Night Elf Saga of Lucimia RP Bloodsail Buccaneers Semi-Hardcore CST EN
Dandyzula H Priest Holy Undead Stun your Enthusiasm PvP - Hardcore
Aerasteele H Priest 31/20/0 Troll Unlucky PvP - Semi-Hardcore
Mist A Priest 21/30/0 Night Elf DPRA PvP - Casual
Who cares A Priest 31/0/21 Human PvP - Semi-Hardcore
Kitch NA A Priest 0/0/31 Human Work in progress - - Hardcore PST EN
Adelinn NA H Priest 21/30/0 Undead PvP - Semi-Hardcore EST EN
Rudolph H Priest 20/0/31 Troll ORPHEUZ PvP - Semi-Hardcore
Tcepsa H Priest Shadow Undead - - Casual
Blokkaroach OCE H Priest 18/33/0 Undead Torment PvP - Semi-Hardcore GMT+1 EN
Vendetta NA A Priest 21/30/0 Human War Front PvE - Semi-Hardcore EST EN
Mimb OCE H Priest TBA Undead Schism PvP - Semi-Hardcore GMT+1 EN
Artie EU H Priest Holy/Disc Undead Army of Darkness PvP - Hardcore CEST EN
Eothor EU A Priest 14/0/37 Dwarf Elysium PvP - Semi-Hardcore CEST EN
Rockout N/A A Priest 99/99/99 Dwarf Kingship of the North PvP - Semi-Hardcore EN
Krisis6 OCE H Priest 14/0/37 Troll Ministry of Death PvP - Semi-Hardcore GMT+1 EN
Jani H Priest N/A Undead For Fun PvP - Casual
Haruspex A Priest 31/20/0 Dwarf Aegis PvP - Hardcore
Jasper A Priest 0/0/0 Dwarf PvP - Semi-Hardcore
Retsulc EU H Priest 21/30/0 Undead Null Route PvP - Semi-Hardcore GMT EN
Justinsroy NA A Priest 21/30/0 Dwarf Doggo Noir PvP - Semi-Hardcore EST EN
Roxxorp NA A Priest Disc Human RIVAL PvP - PST
Exac NA A Priest 31/20/0 Dwarf RIVAL PvP - PST
February NA A Priest 13/0/38 Night Elf Scialytic PvE - EST
Deuce NA A Priest 21/30/0 Dwarf Scialytic PvE - EST
Anarya N America A Priest 21/25/5 - Elune's Grace Spec Night Elf - - EST EN, DE
Unclepriest NA A Priest Shadow Night Elf Doggo Noir PvP - EST
Wtfcoltspriest USA East H Priest healybuttons Undead The Reckless PvP - EST
Lolhealz H Priest 20/0/31 Troll Classic Raids PvP -
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Are you looking for a few players to fill the last couple spots or specific roles for your raiding guild or BG premade? We can help! Use our Classic WOW player search in order to find specific characters that match your need.

Are you a raiding guild looking for a main tank or maybe you need a couple resto druids for their innervate spell? Do you want more dwarf priests with fear ward to help you with boss fear mechanics? A couple more frost mages, dagger rogues, or fury warriors to boost your guild's overall DPS? We can help! Just search, filter, and browse through our large database of characters to find the perfect fit for your guild.

Looking for the perfect flag carrier to ensure your road to victory in WSG? Find a druid who is looking for a premade BG guild, they're great at FC! Then again, maybe you want a pally, mage, warrior, or some other type of player to be the one that carries the burden. Need that PvP healer? What about a couple affliction warlocks to annoy the enemy team? We've got you covered!

No matter what your needs are, chances are you can find the ideal character to fit that one role right here in this Classic WOW character search. Now go make a profile so we can add it to the list!


Probably the most important decision you have to make as you're looking for the right player to fill a role for your guild is the choice of class. There are nine different classes in Classic WoW for you to choose from. These include Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. One of the easier ways to decide your class is to decide what role you want to fill.

If you want to just deal damage, then there are a couple classes geared specifically for that. These include Hunter, Mage, Rogue, and Warlock. There are also hybrid classes which can fill multiple roles, including damage. Pretty much every class can deal damage, so that includes the rest of the classes which are Druid, Pally, Priest, Shaman, and Warrior. If you're planning to raid, there are 'top tier' damage dealers which include Mages, Warriors, Rogues, and Warlocks.

If dealing damage seems a bit boring to you, why don't you try tanking? There are really only three classes with the ability to tank well in classic and one or two more that are a bit hardier but not meant to tank for sustained periods of time. The main tank of the game is a warrior, specifically a protection specialized warrior. Then there are protection paladins and feral druids who tank in bear and dire bear form. Shamans are able to wear mail and use a shield so they can do an ok job in the earlier levels, however they're not meant to tank very much. Warlocks also can spec in to demonology to get soul link which transfers 30% of damage they take to their demon, however if the demon dies then they lose the buff.

Healing is the third and final role. There are four classes that can heal. These include the Priest, Paladin, Shaman, and Druid. If you want to guarantee a spot in a raiding guild, I'd recommend rolling a healer because they're always needed. Priests are the main large number healers. Paladins spam a really fast heal that is constantly healing tanks. Shamans have a chain heal which is great for healing raid members. Druids have great heal over time abilities which allow them to heal targets slowly and consistently over time.


The choice between factions is an important one! You can find both Alliance and Horde players searching for guilds here for the release of Classic WoW. Alliance are typically considered to be better than Horde when it comes to PvE content, specifically because of their racial abilities which are great for raiding. On the other hand, Horde are considered to be better at PvP than Alliance because of their high utility racial abilities. Although these may be true, the difference isn't huge and it is possible to do whatever you want to endgame as either a Horde or Alliance player so you can find them looking for various types of guilds.

Another difference between the Alliance and Horde is their class selection. While they both have many of the same classes, they differ by having either Paladins or Shamans. Alliance have Pallies which are essentially holy warriors. Horde have Shamans which are a hybrid class that uses totems to buff their friends and spells to heal or damage. Alliance races include Humans, Gnomes, Dwarfs, and Night Elves. While Horde races include Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, and Undead (also known as the Forsaken).

Server Type

We support the following WoW Classic United States of America Realms:

Server Type
Anathema PvP
Arcanite Reaper PvP
Ashkandi PvE
Atiesh PvE
Azuresong PvE
Benediction PvP
Bigglesworth PvP
Blaumeux PvP
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Deviate Delight RP-PvP
Earthfury PvP
Faerlina PvP
Fairbanks PvP
Grobbulus RP-PvP
Heartseeker PvP
Herod PvP
Incendius PvP
Kirtonos PvP
Kromcrush PvP
Kurinaxx PvP
Mankrik PvE
Myzrael PvE
Netherwind PvP
Old Blanchy PvE
Pagle PvE
Rattlegore PvP
Skeram PvP
Smolderweb PvP
Stalagg PvP
Thalnos PvP
Thunderfury PvP
Westfall PvE
Whitemane PvP
Windseeker PvE

Supported WoW Classic servers and realms in Europe:

Language Server Type
French Amnennar PvP
English Ashbringer PvP
French Auberdine PvE
English Bloodfang PvP
German Dragon's Call PvP
English Dreadmist PvP
German Everlook PvE
French Finkle PvP
English Firemaw PvP
English Flamelash PvP
English Gandling PvP
English Gehennas PvP
English Golemagg PvP
English Hydraxian Waterlords RP
English Judgement PvP
German Lakeshire PvE
German Lucifron PvP
English Mirage Raceway PvE
English Mograine PvP
English Nethergarde Keep PvE
English Noggenfogger PvP
German Patchwerk PvP
English Pyrewood Village PvE
German Razorfen PvE
English Razorgore PvP
English Shazzrah PvP
English Skullflame PvP
English Stonespine PvP
French Sulfuras PvP
English Ten Storms PvP
German Transcendence PvP
German Venoxis PvP
English Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP
Russian Змейталак (Wyrmthalak) PvP
Russian Пламегор (Flamegor) PvP
Russian Рок-Делар (Rhok’delar) PvP
Russian Хроми (Chromie) PvE

Chinese WoW Classic Realms:

Server Type Language
匕首岭 (Dagger Hills) PvE Chinese
哈霍兰 (Huhuran) PvP Chinese
寒脊山小径 (Coldridge Pass) PvE Chinese
布鲁 (Buru) PvP Chinese
木喉要塞 (Timbermaw Hold) RP Chinese
碧玉矿洞 (Azurelode Mine) PvE Chinese
范克瑞斯 (Fankriss) PvP Chinese
辛迪加 (Syndicate) RP-PvP Chinese

The following WoW Classic Realms are in Oceania:

Server Type Language
Arugal PvP English
Felstriker PvP English
Remulos PvE English
Yojamba PvP English

Here are the WoW Classic Latin America servers:

Server Type Language
Loatheb PvP Spanish

WoW Classic servers in Brazil:

Server Type Language
Sul'thraze PvP Portuguese

There are four different kinds of servers in World of Warcraft: Classic. The first is PvE which stands for Player Versus Environment. Then there's PvP which is Player Versus Player. In addition to these two, there are two special versions of these where players enjoy role-playing as their character called RP and RP-PvP which stands for Role-Playing and Role-Playing Player Versus Player servers.

Players who role on PvE servers tend to enjoy the environmental aspects of the game and fighting monsters more than they do with fighting other players. Because of this, these servers don't flag players for PvP unless they do so themselves. This prevents the opposite faction from killing you while you are out and about in the world. Often players on these servers are more focused on raiding and other PvE related content during the endgame.

You can also search for players who role on PvP servers on this website. These players tend to enjoy world PvP and PvP in general. Find players who are interested in world PvP where they fight throughout the entire world from an early level, all the way up to max level. Unless in a low level zone or a major city, you can expect all players to be marked for PvP, meaning that the opposite faction can attack them at any time. This is often seen as a more challenging and fun play style, however, you occasionally get ganked and corpse camped which can be quite annoying.

RP and RP-PvP servers are similar to PvE and PvP servers, except they have an emphasis on role-playing. You can lookup players who enjoy role-playing (which is where they pretend that they are actually their character.) Role-playing players often find it fun to get emerged in the world and play along other players who find enjoyment in doing that as well. There are often player created events that you can join in on role-playing servers. Some of these include events such as birthdays, holidays, weddings, town and city raids, and organized PvP events.


Find Classic WoW players in North America (which include countries such as the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.) Players in North America mainly speak English, however, other languages native to the region include languages such as French and Spanish.

In addition to North America, you can find players and characters from other regions such as South America, Europe, and Oceania. Together, these include a huge list of countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Equador, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and many more! Because of the huge diversity in countries that players come from to play Classic WoW, you can expect a huge variety of languages as well. Some of the popular languages you'll see are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and many others as well that Classic players speak.

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If you're looking for a guild, what better way to find one than to create a profile on this site, sit back, and wait for the invites to role in? Then you can pick and choose which one you want! Or maybe you're looking for a specific one? Well they're going to want to see what kind of player you are so you better make sure your profile is made to impress!