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Bloodfang EU <2d/w Sat-Sun 12:00 - 16:00 ST> *NOTE SERVER TRANSFERS ARE OPEN TO BLOODFANG CURRENTLY (52% ally / 48% horde) 1/1 Onyxia 10/10 Molten Core Recruitment Currenly, However all classes/specs are welcome: - x2 Holy Pallys - x2 Warlocks - x2-3 Fwarriors (with tanking gear as OS when needed) - x1 Rdruid One Pull was formed in 2013 by a group of like minded players. We love to raid weekends & accomplish what the average joe can accomplish within the 2 days that we raid. We are a very social able guild that will help people farm pre-bis / attunements & of course help people that is getting camped by those filthy hordes. Guild Information - Raiding will start casual and progress to semi-hardcore requiring more consumables during AQ40 & Naxxramas to progress. - We will also compete with speed kills (making farm raids much more enjoyable) Raid Times: - Saturday 12-16 PM Server Timer - Sunday 12-16 PM Server Timer Raid Information: - We will be using a fair & equal LOOT council where up to 5 people will decide on who gets loot (raid attendance, performance, consumables etc all counts towards this) None bis items will be rolls - Ms>Os. - No prior raid experience is required, however, we do expect you to aspire to greatness by researching your class (class leaders and the community will help provide material), and execute fights correctly. A trial period will be used for new members up to 3-4 weeks depending on performance. - An attendance of 80% is required, this means within 10 raids you need to be there for at least 8. - Be online 15 min before raid, so we can sort world buffs / consumables etc out. Guild Rules: - BE RESPECTFUL towards your team mates. - Do not ninja loot in pugs, this will result in a instant g-kick. - Don't give the guild a bad name. Points of Contact Guild Master - Shïft -Shifter#2428 ADD ME ON BTAG: Shift#2428 or join our discord -