Character description

Recruiting all types of players, both experienced and new. Will be mid-core guild that is focus on crushing end game content.

Info on Illumina:

We have been around in various MMOs for 13+ years now and have always strived for crushing game content while having fun with it all. A large community of tight knit players that have stuck around each other for over a decade now! Illumina is also part of Illumina Gaming, a non-profit business that develops, promotes, provide resources+tools, and collaborates small/large streamers/artists/content creators/esports players/etc.

A Little About Me

I played through the entirety of Vanilla and TBC as Horde on the Burning Blade server starting through all of ZG and ending in Sunwell. I’ve always been a hardcore gamer always wanting to crush all end-game content. I’ve been leading and helping manage guilds for about 15 years now, along with managing and starting a couple businesses irl.

Raid Scheduling and Guild Focus

Raid times are still TBD as we fill up, but will most likely be in the evening starting at around 6:30pm PDT.

We will be quick to help out guildies in need when World PvP issues arise.

A strong focus on the development of all our members.

Want to build both Hardcore and casual players, so we can crush end-game but also have fun doing so.

Still deciding on which DKP or EPGP system we will be using. Will update once decided.

Member Requirements:

Be active both in game and in discord discussions/voice.

Helpful to all our guildies and willing to help out. Whether this be helping them learn about a class, dungeon/raid, or aiding in World PvP.

When events or raids are scheduled and you are signed up for it, please be on time/early so that everyone else is not waiting on you!

Additionally looking for a couple more people that would be interested in an Officer position. This would entail helping with recruitment, player activity, running raids, and helping organize events.

Join our Discord if you are interested in joining or have any questions!

https://discord.ggVQWxJNA The invite will take you to the Welcome page. Add the ClassicWoW role in the #public-roles channel Reach out to myself (OLlama) or the officers.