About ClassicRaids.com

Classic Raids launched in July of 2019 in order to meet the demand for the return of the upcoming World of Warcraft: Classic. We are dedicated to adding features to help the community with everything related to Raiding in Classic WOW.

We plan to have the following type of content, features, and community:

Mailing List

In addition to these features, we will have a mailing list for users that choose to opt-in. Once on the mailing list, you will be able to join weekly giveaways for a chance to win game time or credit to your Battle.net account. We will also send out weekly newsletters with updates on Classic World of Warcraft, new features added to this site, and the status of our userbase.

To signup for our newsletter, either use the signup form or you can choose to opt-in when you register an account on this site!

We LOVE feedback!

If you have any feature requests or notice any bugs, please feel free to contact us at contact@classicraids.com .